Fitness Through Martial Arts Style. 

Suitable for Ages 10 - 16 years

Fitness Classes held Monday & Thursday 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.

35 minute warm up, rhythmic martial arts & self defense

15 minute casual academic fitness, wellness & nutrition

40 minute dance, cool-down & meditation

Why bring your kids to our Youth Fitness Program classes?

Kids will learn the philosophy of martial arts, through rhythmic martial arts in a fun environment.

“I believe martial arts fitness is the most beneficial form of exercise for the body, mind and spirit.”- Grandmaster Ladan

Taught fitness and the philosophy of martial arts from the age of 3 years old, Grandmaster Ladan has practiced and taught all ages. She will teach your kids that martial arts has amazing benefits to mind, body and spirit for everyone who practices.

After sitting in classrooms all day at school, we have a healthier option to playing video games after school. Kids will learn the benefits of exercise and forming healthy habits for a lifetime. Grandmaster Ladan teaches why exercise is important to your health, and why stretching and meditation are valuable tools for life’s everyday challenges.

We teach fitness as an important lifestyle habit for life to maintain vitality and balance. Active school kids need muscles tonality to be ready for the next day. Sports injuries addressed now will prevent them showing up in adulthood as painful conditions. We teach kids life tools through meditation with simple one minute sessions, that will go a long way to self-control of thoughts and emotions.

Kids learn martial arts, and self-defense in step to music. They learn anatomy, which muscles are involved with sitting, standing, walking, sports; and why we have to work on core muscles. And that martial arts is important to learning self-discipline. They’ll learn the importance of taking care of personal belongings by folding their uniform with care and attention. And how this translates to everyday matters, from the small to the big in life.

They learn academic fitness, and education about muscles; why we get back aches, and stretches to alleviate back pain. How to use meditation for stressful situations, like preparing for a test.

We talk about nutritional facts and encourage healthy snacks over junk food.

We teach Dance as important to fitness. Your kid will learn hip-hop to ballroom dance engaging body and spirit in rhythm to music. They’ll learn teamwork, choreography, improving communication skills, and social skills with dance partners. They will feel the benefits dance, in muscle flexibility, and the whole body in harmony with life.

Grandmaster Ladan will teach kids that Life is black and white, yin and yang. We start with martial arts, and finish with dance, balance of hardness and softness. Core is nutrition, and martial arts strength, agility, and discipline, dance happiness. Peace, balance and harmony.

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