Working with hoops in a new format to strengthen and lengthen muscle fibers and connective tissue.  Vitruvia movements are excellent for spinal and overall skeletal alignment promoting greater ease of motion throughout the body. Also, excellent for faster injury recovery. Become more aware of your posture and carriage. A great companion to any other workout.

Our Vitruvia fitness training is designed to increase strength while simultaneously elongating the tissues. You’ll increase flexibility, range of motion and cultivate the symmetrically balanced development of the tissues throughout the entire body. It decreases impact and friction on the body during workouts, reduces inflammation, and accelerates recovery time.

Benefits include improving posture and supporting proper alignment of the organs (for optimal organ functioning). By reducing shock, impact, and friction on the body during exercise, Vitruvia fitness training also supports the nervous system's healthy function. The workout creates less pain, so less cortisol is produced. Nerve fibers are also less agitated via the fluid motion of the exercises. Nerve fibers then remain more supple, which is beneficial to the nervous system's nature and proper function.

Lastly, Vitruvia's curved and fluid motion reduces friction and grating on the joints, thus facilitating greater ease of movement throughout the body. Vitruvia fitness improves the ability to workout longer, with greater ease and less pain. This applies whether for just one session or throughout one's entire life. An amazing win-win!

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