Get down, get low, and get your heart rate up with our family-friendly Funkdafied Hip Hop class. With old school tunes for the OG's in the room to millennial trending genres. Step out, step up and add some fresh steps to your strut.

Hip Hop strengthens coordination with intricate quick footwork and musicality, while burning calories and sweating off toxins. You’ll develop muscle, build stamina, memorization, your sense of rhythm, self-confidence, and artistic expression. Not to mention it’s the funnest workout we can think of!

Grandmaster Ladan believes dancing has many essential health benefits for reducing depression, stress and improving cognitive processes. Dancing can also help to reduce back pain, joint pain, and improve joint lubrication. Dancing benefits memory, too, and even helps to prevent Alzheimer's and Dementia. Your mind, body, and spirit is our focus, and we want to share this with our members.

*By Appointment Only*

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